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LULINN – a name taken from a romantic novel – stands for insouciance, ease, recreation and comfort.

This is why we have decided to name our vacation apartment, situated on the Baltic Sea, LULINN. When we started in 2010 to manage this property and various others, it was our intention to give property owners the same feeling of safety, ease and comfort. For us not only is the property important, but also the human being behind it who cares for an uncomplicated and valuable management of his or her property. That’s why we have also named our company LULINN – to take care of your property – so you can relax and feel safe and secure.


It’s not just the property but the human being behind it.


We manage your property value-preserving and uncomplicated.


We are constantly available and looking for the perfect solution.


We take care so you can relax and feel safe and secure.

Our services

We’ve learned from the past that property owners are looking for a reliable and efficient property management at a fair price. Property owners want a quick, flexible and individual solution for their existing problem. We understand this - and that’s why we are here for you!

Do you own an apartment or a flat in a community -association in Germany?

We will take care of everything that involves reasonable commercial and technical management.

Leistung: MietverwaltungTENANT – MANAGEMANT

Do you own property which is sublet to third parties in Germany?

We will take care of the commercial and technical management and deal with your tenants.

Leistung: SondereigentumESTATE IN SEVERALTY

Do you own property within a community association and want your own property manager who manages it for you?

We will take care of the managing duties with efficiency and unbureaucratically.


We are your competent partner for property management.We are at your service!
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11years LULINN
Beatrice Schnell ist Inhaberin und Leiterin der Hausverwaltung LULINN.Beatrice Schnell

The business economist is the owner and head of LULINN.

For many years she has held leading positions as sales director and a position as the country director of Germany in big and global companies. Her areas of responsibility included, among others, management and process-optimization and the efficient exploitation of commercial real estate. Besides her economic degree, she holds a degree as property manager, certified by the German professional academy for real estate management.

Die technischen Berater der Hausverwaltung LULINNTechnical Manager

All in one: Technical Management

Our technical manager is an administration specialist as well as an industrial mechanic. He offers the technical knowledge this job requires. Our technical manager is very experienced and is responsible for determining if the offered craftsman-solutions for the existing problem are appropriate. He is also responsible for operating a reliable network of craftsmen.

Andrea Wohlgemuth ist Ihre Ansprechpartnerin in Rostock der Hausverwaltung LULINN.Andrea Blümke

We also have a partner in Rostock.

Andrea used to work as an expert for foreign whole trade. Her experiences are also based on a former CEO- role of an industrial company where she exploited huge industrial used areas with adjoining properties. Furthermore, she holds the title of a certified international management accountant.

Our partners

Our locations

Here you can learn more about our locations in Mainz and Rostock.

Our company is located in Ober-Olm, a placid little village in Rheinhessen, near by the county capital of Rhineland-Palatinate, Mainz.

Due to the steady growth of the Rhein-Main-area, there is a growing demand for property which needs to be managed.

The main task of our property management company Lulinn is to satisfy this demand on an individual basis and in an efficient way. We want to be seen as your property manager in the Mainz/ Wiesbaden area and in Rheinhessen.


We also offer property management on the eastern Baltic Sea, in Rostock.

Almost 30 years after the wall came down, Rostock is undergoing a construction boom. The reason being that many people who have left the city to live in the west of Germany are now returning. The demands for apartments and flats are high and so are the demands for property management.

Rostock, being the biggest city in the county of Mecklenburg- Hither Pomerania, has a lot to offer. Beatrice Schnell has some personal bounds with Rostock. That’s why we have decided to establish our company in Rostock as well.

We are at your service!

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We are at your service!

Do you look for an English-speaking competent partner for property management in Germany? Then you are right here!
Property Management LULINN

55270 Ober-Olm

Beatrice Schnell

Owner, Business Economist
Certified property manager by the German professional academy for real estate management


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